Image by skeeze from Pixabay.

“All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run, outrun my gun”

No worries. We are not talking about shooting people. These two verses are from the famous song ‘Pumped up Kicks’ by the band Foster the People.

But we didn’t put these verses there without any reason.

Nowadays a lot of people are going to shooting ranges. This is happening because of the increasing rate of mass shootings. People are getting more and more inclined towards the idea of defending themselves.

What to wear to a shooting range? – this is a pretty common question when people decide to go to the shooting range.

Now, while going to the shooting range you should think twice about your wears. Because some specific items may save you big time if anything bad happens.

So, let’s shoot our way into the details-

Shooting Bag

No matter it’s a small firearm or large one, a shooting bag is the best place to hold, secure and carry them. They provide secure fitting and protection against fogs, weather etc.
Do, grab the best shooting bag at first place before preparing or shooting trip. Good idea to carry with a battle belt.

Safety Gears

At first, you should consider putting on safety gears. Because a slight accident might bring in grave consequences.
Here’s a tip-
Before putting these stuff in your bag do a quick check. See if everything is in the best shape.
So, let’s take a look at the safety gears-

Safety Glasses

These are not your average glasses. These glasses are made for protecting eyes in shooting ranges.
Here’s the thing-
The more your safety glasses cover, the fewer risks you take. But make sure that your glasses are clear and lightweight.

Ear Protection

Don’t trust Hollywood movies where someone shoots without any ear protection and talks smoothly soon after.
Believe us. You won’t hear a thing for a few minutes after shooting a gun if you don’t use ear protection.
If you’re shooting a normal or small gun, then you’ll be somewhat okay even by using earplugs.
You’ll need heavy duty electronic earmuffs if you want to go for the heavy machinery. Those big boys are too noisy to cover up with earplugs.

Caps or Hats

This is the most underrated among all the safety gears. Many people don’t use them because they don’t like wearing hats.
But this gear is important too.
Sometimes, after firing, cartridges show a tendency to land on the face. And those cartridges are super hot.
So, wear hats on a shooting range.

Regular Clothing

Some people say all you need to think about is the safety gears. But we disagree.
Shooting requires a lot of focus. So, it’s better that you be comfortable and safe at the same time.
So, let’s go through the list of suggested clothing for a shooting range-


You can try out both long sleeves and short sleeves. Both types have their own pros and cons.
Short sleeves give you comfort during the high-pressure situation in the range.
However, these make your arms open to hot brass ejecting out of the gun.
On the other hand, long sleeves give you a bit of discomfort. Lack of airflow inside the shirt might give you sweats.
No matter what the length of your shirt is, you have to keep in mind one thing while choosing shirts. That is- the collar type. Both men and women should avoid low cut and V-neck collars.
That’s because the ejected brass might find its way down the chest. Now, when the brass lands on the arms then it simply bounces off. But when it lands on the décolleté area, it goes down slowly. This happens because of the friction with the shirt and skin.
As a result, you get burns throughout your whole chest area.


Here, follow your personal preferences. Wear what makes you comfortable. If you don’t mind dirt on your skin, then you can even use shorts while laying on the ground.


Many people think that range-shoes need to be bulky or ugly. Well, that’s not true. Nowadays, many wear cute shoes in shooting ranges.
However, you should consider wearing a toe covering shoe in ranges. Because the ejected hot brass might land on your toes.
Most importantly, keep your range shoes separate. Because on the range around 90% of the ground is covered with lead. You don’t want lead in your house or car.


It’s possible to be both fashionable and safe at the same time.
Just keep the safety issues in mind and you wear everything else according to your choice.
Good luck.