Without digging too deep into the thick of things, one can confidently state that the Vortex Venom design comes in a broad range of varying dot sizes, thus increasing one’s choices.The Venom is also an excellent choice for a person handling long guns, as well as handguns.It is immune to water and shock and comes with prime load battery access.These options have created the Venom whole grow in quality quick over the years.

The Vortex Viper, on the other hand, is best suited for use in pistols.It comes in a very compact design that is low profile.It can also co-witness with eminent small-arm sights, thus making it an excellent choice.

The Venom and therefore the snake have terribly several options in common.
To start with, the performance levels of the sights are quite similar and so are their quality and size. They both last long periods, thus providing users with value for their money.

Their ability to resist water damage also adds to their durability. Both sights also can efficiently handle impacts from recoils.The Venom happens to be a touch a lot of important in size compared to the snake.This distinction makes the Venom higher suited to use in rifles whereas the snake will best in pistols.The snake may be a bit a lot of sophisticated concerning battery changes.

This Vortex Venom Vs Viper review will provide you access to learn more in detail.

 Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight

1.Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight

 Vortex Viper Red Dot Sight

2.Vortex Viper Red Dot Sight


Vortex Venom vs Viper differences between is basically an excessive amount of tough owing to their excessive amount of similarity. Here I gift few details which will specific distinction between mentioned things
Each Vortex Venom and Vortex Viper area unit super light-weight, compact small red dots which may be fitted upon virtually any handguns and long guns with acceptable rails. Their worth is pretty shut and their names have terribly similar that means, inflicting tons of individuals to surprise that optic ought to one get. the reality is, even if their names area unit terribly similar, they need terribly totally different styles and options.
By searching too several sites & mentioned with variant users truly I can’t precisely visit associate finish for select any of them by ignoring another one.Looking for a comparative shopping for guide between the Vortex Venom and Vortex snake? You’ve come back to the proper place.Both area unit comparable in worth. In fact, there area unit mini Red Dot optics on the market these days that value 2 to 3 times the worth of those Vortex models. we tend to discuss the options of each sight to supply you with the relevant info for you to make your mind up what most closely fits your desires.
Here a number of their comparison area unit given below,

featuresVortex VenomVortex Viper
Preview Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight Vortex Viper Red Dot Sight
Batary life30000 hour30000 hour
Night VisionYes - ten levels or car modeYes - Adjustable Illuminatio
Size (LxWxH)48 x twenty eight x 26mm46 x twenty seven x 26mm
DurabilityOn Par (93%)On Par (96%)
Weight1.6 oz2.1 oz

6.5 x 5 x 2.6 inches

4.5 x 5.4 x 2.3 inches
CoatingOn Par (multi-coated)On Par (multi-coated)
Material kindAluminumAluminum
Dot Size3 & 6 MOA6 MOA
Details Check Price Check Price

Both the optics area unit similar in performance, quality, and waterproof & shockproof to sustain the impact of recoil. The viper is slightly smaller than the Venom creating it the most effective selection for you to use with a handgun.

However, if you would like a lot of versatile red dot optic, the Venom works with each handguns and rifles.
Even dynamic the battery is a smaller amount sophisticated as compared with the viper thanks to the limiting of the battery compartment within theViper, it will have a lot of compact style than the Venom.
Upon purchase, each mini dot optics have an equivalent accessories enclosed. You get a Picatinny mount, Torx wrench, lens cloth, protection, and battery.

Venom and viper Optic Description and options
Both the mini red dot sights have a matte end with waterproof and shockproof construction to shield it from the weather. The brightness controls placed on the facet of each and simply accessible. The ratite settings area unit set into the body and guard it against unintentional changes.



Firstly, I am going for the choice of battery replaced. regarding battery sort and capability, each red dot use CR 1632 to power and have 14-hour auto-shutdown feature. each will be dried-up to one hundred fifty hours at highest setting and up to thirty,000 hours on lowest setting.But the most distinction lies in battery compartment location.

Battery – Vortex Venom

Battery compartment is found at the highest of the optic, that means that you just don’t ought to unmount and re-zero the red dot anytime you alter batteries.One complains of the Venom is that it’s battery cowl is poorly style and is kind of troublesome to shut the quilt once the battery is gift.

Battery – Vortex viper

Battery compartment is found at the bottom and you wish to unmount and probably re-zero your red dot anytime you alter batteries.This Viper’s poor battery placement has turned off many folks.
Highlight:Viper: ought to unmount to interchange battery.


In third position I might wish to gift variations between Size & weights of each Vortex venom & Vortex viper
Length (inches): Venom is one.9 & snake is one.8.
Weight (oz): Venom one.1 oz (without mount), 1.6 oz (with mount)& snake one.1 oz (without mount), 2.1 oz (with mount).
Viewing window: Venom twenty six.4 x 16mm (WxH), slightly wider however smaller and snake twenty four.1 x one8 millimeter (WxH), slightly narrower however larger

Highlight:Same weight and size, Venom has wider, smaller glass.



One of the commercialism points for each red dot is that the ability to mount terribly low, reducing the discrepancy between line of sight and barrel.Both optics will be mounted terribly low and is low enough for several users. however, Vortex viper will be mounted lower for one.3 millimeters.Now in variety four describe regarding adjustment between the 2 of them.

Venom’s most internal elevation adjustment is a hundred thirty ratite, whereas the snake has solely one hundred twenty ratite. That said, since the user unlikely to be shooting long vary, one hundred twenty ratite ought to be over enough for many applications.

Viper, so as to regulate, 1st ought to loosen two lockup screws on the rear of the optics. However, because of some small-arm style, there may not be enough house to insert L-wrench in between rear sight and optics, and thus may additionally ought to take away rear sight to regulate elevation and windage.

That’s quite a pain, and is exacerbated by the very fact that will ought to re-zero Vortex snake anytime amendment battery! thus, if attainable, ensure that user have enough house between their Viper’s lockup screw and their rear sights.

Highlight: Venom is easier-to-adjust turrets & elevation and windage adjustment will be simply adjusted.

Both optics square measure one MOA per click. The variations square measure :

Venom :

Elevation and windage adjustment are often simply adjusted. Venom’s easy lay internal elevation adjustment is one hundred thirty MOA, whereas the ophidian has solely one hundred twenty MOA That said, since you’re unlikely to be shooting long vary, one hundred twenty MOA ought to be over enough for many applications.

Viper :

so as to regulate, you initially ought to loosen two protection screws on the rear of the optics. However, thanks to some shooting iron style, there won’t be enough area to insert your L-wrench in between your rear sight and your optics. And so you will conjointly ought to take away your rear sight to regulate your elevation and windage.

That’s quite a pain, and is exacerbated by the very fact that you just might have to re-zero your Vortex ophidian when you modify your battery! thus if attainable, confirm that you just have enough area between your Viper’s protection screw and your rear sights.

Cost and worth Comparison

The viper and Venom each are obtainable on the marketplace for below $250, creating them a particularly cheap mini-red dot choice. several different manufacturers’ mini red dots obtainable nowadays price a whole bunch quite these sights.They are nearly identical in type and performance.Both models have an equivalent controls, an equivalent build quality and options, and therefore the same battery life – though they are doing use completely different batteries. the most distinction between these 2 is that the Venom is on the market in 2 completely different dot sizes and contains a slightly larger size than the viper.


Differences And Similarities At a Look

Without going too deep into the viper review or the one for Venom, here are their qualities – as well as similarities and variations – at a look.At first, we have a tendency to see that the Venom red dot comes during a sort of styles – thus, giving USA additional choices to settle on from.It is additionally appropriate for long guns in extreme weather things, being good for “rainy days” or setting wherever it’s exposed to honest amounts of shock.

The performance level is kind of similar, and that they are each quite sturdy. they’re thus sturdy, that they’re typically additionally compared with the Vortex Razor red dot – that is simply as economical. Their most notable variations exchange their size.
Since the Venom scope is slightly larger than the viper scope, it’s going to not be as appropriate for little guns – and may be a better option for the larger guns. If you’re searching for a smaller one, you would possibly need to travel for the viper instead.
In case you would like additional in-depth review of Venom red dot – we’ve created an avid review only for this Scope


Both models return from the house of Vortex, which suggests that they’re made within the same fabrication plant victimization a similar materials. As such, the variations are in profile and overall performance. Let’s take a glance at the 2 and choose.When scrutiny between the 2, taking each models and putting them on a similar weapon and sacking shots is that the solely thanks to compare performance in real time. I used each handguns and rifles and reached the subsequent conclusions.

Vortex Viper

  •  Low profile style
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Best for firearm
  • Very compact
  • Only one dot selection
  • CR 2032 an additional common battery selection

Vortex Venom

  •  Available in numerous dot size
  • Good for each handguns or long guns
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Top load battery access
  • Slightly larger than the serpent
  • CR 1632 battery not as common because the metallic element 2032

Both of the sights are similar in size, quality, and levels of performance. they’re each rugged, durable, shockproof and waterproof. The viper is slightly smaller and sleeker in size than the Venom. However, the distinction in size makes the viper a tougher model to alter batteries. each models go together with a similar accessories, and that they have a Picatinny mount, and each have Vortex warranties on the optics

Vortex Venom

The Venom comes with 2 ratite bird choices, 3 and 6, and maybe a compact, no-magnification sight with a mini red dot that’s optical phenomenon free. apart from the ratite bird distinction, the 2 Venom models are identical. The Body is formed from a machined Al that has been mat coated with a dark anodized end that protects it from oxidizing. the biggest advantage is that the prime loading battery possibility that’s excellent for long continuous use within the field. The brightness controls beside the ratite bird changes are recessed into the body to stop them from being modified through accidental touching. 

Vortex Viper

The viper comes with a way lower profile and has solely a half-dozen flightless bird dot choice.
The 6 MOA dot option makes it easier to acquire targets, and the sleek design makes the weapon slightly more versatile in tight situations.
Due to the Viper’s sleek size, it can co-witness with suppressor height pistol sights.The multi-coated lens and anodize finish are identical to the Venom, as well as the location of the controls.This model uses a CR 2032 battery rather than the CR 1632 in the Venom, making it easier to find on the market.


Both models come with a similar price, and both provide similar results. The main difference between the two models is in the overall application. The Venom is a do-all mini dot optic sight that is designed to work on both handguns and rifles. As such, it has a wider range of versatility and the larger dot can be used as a backup to a magnified scope.
The Vortex Viper is designed for use on handguns only; it’s a smaller model, engineered to slip on most handguns and gives you only one dot option, the larger 6 MOA that is perfect for fast target acquisition in close combat situations.


At last i am saying that Venom and Viper are both the lightest and most compact red dot sights available on the market.Built to face up to significant recoil, Vortex anodized aluminum chassis.
More than that, anodizing on both sights has a matte black finish, which removes flares and reflections, which irritate andobstruct your vision.The anti-glare finish on the chassis construction also provides you with stealth abilities.Arbortech layer on both chassis contributes to toughness and resistance against shocks and impacts of hitting, dropping or recoil.

O-ring seals prevent water, oil and dirt from damaging the optics and internal components.
Contributing to optical quality are multiple coatings, which cover the lenses completely to maximize on the available light.While Viper is slightly heavier than Venom when you add a mount, it’smore compact, as its length is shorter.Viper uses a most common battery – CR2032.Venom uses a rare kind of battery – CR1632.

However, when it comes to changing batteries, it’s easier with Venom than Viper, as battery compartment is on top.No need to dismount the sight.Both sights have an auto shutoff feature after 14 hours.
But Venom has each motorcar and manual modes for brightness settings.Viper has lock screws that you wish to loosen before you begin creating corrections for wind drift and bullet.

 Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight

1.Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight

 Vortex Viper Red Dot Sight

2.Vortex Viper Red Dot Sight