Trap shooting is a specific kind of shooting sport. It can bring you the real feel of shooting a target with a favourite shotgun. You should acquire some knowledge about this first. You will have movable object which needs to be shot. However, this article is about some trap shooting tips those will give you sufficient enthusiasm and information to be a great trap shooter.


What is Trap Shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting is the three-discipline sport. Moreover, trap shooting is a part of this sport. What we mix with trap shooting are the other two disciplines. Skeet and sporting clays are different from this specific discipline. However, clays discs knocking is standard in each discipline. You have to beat or shoot 4.5 inches clay discs executed in mid-air with your shotgun.

In this shooting, clay pigeons are thrown from a spot called house. This house is set in front of the shooter. The clay discs are executed from the house and then travel away from the shooter. The throwing remains in the straight line of the shooter.

The place of the shooter is known as post. There are five different posts arranged in a semi-circle covering the house. The shooter will move the next post on the right side after shooting every five rounds. You will get most entertainment and thrill if you shoot with other shooters as it’s a game.


Trap Shooting Tips:

There are a few things you need to know before going into trap shooting. Below are some tips for trap shooting. These trap shooting tips can make you prepared to be a pro-level shooter. You can follow the below tips to improve your aiming and to get success in the competition. Let’s get to know them:


Before trap shooting, you must know the technique of trap shooting. You must have confidence when trap shooting. since this is not a normal shooting you have to very careful at your target object. First, you need to aim at your target object. Then you have to shoot very carefully. You need to shoot carefully so that your target doesn’t move out of place. Things must be taught to you during training.


Safety is required for all types of shooting. Do not load your gun before shooting time. To strengthen safety first, learn about the safety of your gun. Along with the safety of your gun, you also have to take care of your own safety. For personal safety, you must wear safety glass, shooter clothes, gloves, caps, shoes, etc.

Mounting the Gun:

You are not going to do this as mounting means attaching something to a place. Well. I am not talking about this. Mounting in trapshooting means you need to put the shotgun in the shoulder before you start shooting. There will be a shooting point.

Mounting is always crucial in trap shooting. You need to aim and shoot the target quickly otherwise the result will be disdaining. It would help if you placed the shotgun in proper way like your cheek is meeting the stock. Then the gun should be in the pocket of your shoulder. This is the right positioning of the shotgun.
You need to know one thing. The shotgun will fire at the same point where you are looking. Of course, you need to look at the clay pigeon.

Shooting Posture:

It’s not different to the general posture of shooting with shotgun. Shotgun produces more recoil than a pistol and rifle. You should have the ability to control the recoil. It’s necessary if you want to shot repetitively. Nobody wants to welcome any accident.

You should be at the square position to the house, feet shoulder-width apart. Put your right leg a half step back and lean slightly forward. If you are lefty (means strong-side at the left), then put the left leg half step back. Then put your weight mostly on the forward foot. Leaning into the gun helps to absorb the recoil without moving towards back while shooting.

Aiming the Target:

If you can mount the gun correctly, you are up to the winning moment. Imperfect mounting will make you miss the target. It’s not aiming, and it’s pointing towards something. Shotguns may have rail and bead at the end of the short barrel. Some models have traditional rear sight aperture.

When you spot the clay disc, engage on it. Remember, the disc will spin at the fastest speed. This speed will keep the disc in straight line in the air without any drop. When the rate is lower, it will fall faster. So, you have to keep these in your mind.

Distance from the house to the thrown bird is also an important matter. If the range is more extensive, then your shot will spread out more. So, it would help if you shot before it goes further from the house. Don’t shoot while you are moving your gun. This will cause you miss the clay disc.

Tracking the Clay Discs:

It would be best if you followed the bird or clay disc bit faster than the disc and track of it. It would be best if you pulled the gun trigger to the discs leading their edges or slightly forward when the shotgun tracks through them. This will help you hit the bullet on target within correct time.


If you can find out the flight path of the clay bird, you can ambush correctly. Point your shotgun at the way of the bird and shot slightly forward. Boom! You have ambushed well!
If you are new in trap shooting, you need to practice a lot. Try to identify the travelling path.

More Tips:

• Point your finger well. Do not engage too fast or too late.
• Better if you avoid gun sights. Using sights may defocus to the continuously thrown targets.
• Practice a lot. Lastly, you must keep the above in mind before you start shooting traps .And you have to learn the rules of trap shooting.


If you are a beginner, first of all you remember that you can do the job .And you must choose the right place for trap shooting. do not try to shoot randomly. First, you need to know how things work. Then try to point and mount the gun well. Then match the time when you can hit the clay bird perfectly. You have to practice more .The more you practice the more efficient you will be. Thus, practices won’t fail you.