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Shotguns are kind of a day to day associate to hunters, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. It can be clay shooting, bird hunting and many more, where you can’t step up with a shotgun.

But for a beginner, it gets quite complicated to bring out the best of this firearms. And there are a lot of such people who’re struggling with it.

Throughout those, we’ve kept this essence in mind, and crafted some actionable shotgun shooting tips for beginners.

 Without further intro, let’s dive in-

7 Shotgun Shooting Tips that You Should Stick To

Tips 1 of 7: Secure yourself from recoil force

As you know, shotguns will leave you with a massive impact force in the opposite direction to the shot. Therefore, you must equip the gun with a good quality shotgun recoil pad.

These pads come in different prices, sizes, qualities, and styles. Make sure to choose the right pick for your shooting style and shotgun size. Also, make sure that it will provide you with ample protection from the heavy recoil force that comes through the guns.

Tips 2 of 7: Loose up your muscles

When you’re just about to begin your first few rounds of shots of the day, it’s usual to have tight muscles. But as you know, tight muscles will make it a herky and jerky swing. The target you are shooting at will also look like a radio wave.

So, hold the gun firmly and loosen up your muscles. Don’t apply too much force and aim for a consistent and stable hold instead.

Tips 3 of 7: Use your both eyes

It’s quite important on a shotgun shot that how precisely you’ve captured the position, motion, and velocity of the target. They say it as a proof that- Seeing is the key to hitting, which is absolutely true.

Many professional shooters are cross-eye dominance. Which means that the eye that they look through the rib, is not their dominant eye. This will eventually obscure their vision as hunters.

Tips 4 of 7: Don’t negotiate with the quality of your ammo

Each and every shooter knows that what it brings on if you equip your shotgun with cheap, promotional ammunition into your shotgun. These kinds of ammo are usually dubbed pheasant or squirrel.

Instead, you are always advised to go with precious ammo, which will provide you with better impact, better control and more one-shot kills at the end of the day.

Tips 5 of 7: Change your pattern in the choke

Chokes are obvious components of a shotgun. But based on the target type, the variation of choke is also important.

As an example, when you are targeting at birds of only one or two pallets, you should go for tighter chokes. In case you are likely to miss close ranged birds, you are better suited with more open chokes.

Tips 6 of 7: Dry fire and mount

You know how it helps if you do a test drive of everything before doing it on the actual spot, right? And the exact formula works for shooting with a shotgun as well.

Before going to the actual hunting, you should be practicing with dry fire while maintaining all the basic safety precautions. For target, you can have a partner who will shoot a beam of light on a wall or some bush. This will help you to acquire better shooting perfection.

Tips 7 of 7: Let your target get steady

Shotguns are mostly used in bird shooting, which has some definite rules. One of the mandatory rules of them is, you should target the birds when they are well off the ground.

If you aim to shoot the birds while they’ve just taken off the ground, that will eventually make the work harder. And resultantly, it can be a miss.

Bottom Line

So far, we’ve talked about 7 of the basic tips for any beginner hunter who has to deal with shotguns. Once you’ve mastered all these, there are a lot of other tips and techniques. Hopefully, we’ll come up with that in another post!

Happy hunting!