Can you think of any gun without recoil? Can you bear the recoil of a shotgun or rifle?
Of course, every gun has a minimal amount of recoil. Even it is handgun when you shoot with it, you will feel it. You hand will shake while you shoot at something with the gun. It’s quite easy to handle or feel the recoil of a revolver or pistol. But it’s undoubtedly tough to stand against the recoil of a more massive gun than the pistol. To reduce the pressure on your shoulder due to recoil, you can use recoil pads. These pads are helpful in reducing recoil, controlling the gun in better way. This content is all about recoil pads: how they help shooters for fun, sport and more.


Image by Ulf Åkesson from Pixabay

What is a recoil pad?

It’s a part of shooting rifle or shotgun. You may have seen these pads but don’t know why the shooters use them. A recoil pad is attached to the edge of the gun where your shoulder and the weapon meets. In easy words, you can cover up the buttstock of the firearm for couple of inches with recoil pads. These pads are made of rubber, foam, leather or any other soft components which can absorb the feel of recoil. You can also wear these pads around your shoulder with straps. You need to keep the soft recoil pad in between your shoulder and the buttstock of the gun.

How do they help?

It’s Newton’s law that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This means when the gun is forcefully releasing the bullet, there will be reaction against such high power. This is what we call recoil. This recoil can damage or create pain in the shooter’s body if he doesn’t take proper safety or unable to bear it. Recoil pads add the protection to shoot with least reaction from the guns. So, this is the first benefit you can get from using recoil pads.

Most of the time, the second shot is considered as the winning shot; first for damage, second one for finishing off the target. Recoil pads help the gunman from fouling up this second shot. If you can find the best recoil pads for your gun, you won’t be far from your winning moments. These pads improve shooting accuracy and give you comfort while performing the job. You can repeatedly shoot with satisfaction without aching your shoulder.

If you have chosen unfit recoil pad for your gun, it may create particular situation which isn’t expected. You have to select the right pads made of durable materials. Unfit recoil pads can’t bear the recoil and may tear or damage up soon. So, you may need to replace it repeatedly. Many of us think to save a bit money on buying things. But buying less expensive pad for recoil will cost you again and again.

Generally, a recoil pad comes in a single pad pack. But there are pads available having several inserts. These inserts or layers are adjustable. This adjustability helps to fit the pads in a better way and provides better shooting accuracy with full comfy and safety. As an example, a more massive gun may produce a substantial amount of recoil feeling on your shoulder. You are hardly able to control it. Multi-inserts of recoil pads helps a lot. This is common in the regular shooting competitions. The shooters need to use heavy gun. So, recoil pads will support them to be victorious. These pads will help them to aim at the right point.

There are different types of recoils available at the market. These can be pre-fit, grind to fit, slip over recoil pads. Depending on your gun, you can choose the right type of recoil pads. It also depends on which way you want to shoot. After all, the coziness of the shooters always matters.

You need to know what happens when a shooter shot the bullet. First, the gun fires up, and cartridges come out of the end of the barrel with higher speed. Due to this action, a lot of energy is created. But this energy can’t go on the same way of the bullet instead it shoves directly backward — this energy on the backward hits directly on the shooter’s shoulder. Then, the shooter feels massive shock or pain. This is what recoil is. This shock can be felt worst when he shoots repeatedly. The gun position gets displaced for this recoil. If you are a gun-lover, your target will be missed if can’t control this shock.

For this purpose, when you are in a game, competition or others, you must use recoil pads. This will never let you be unhappy with your aim. Neither you will feel aches nor the gun will slip from your hands.


Recoil pads are useful in many ways as you have already learned them. If you are a sportsman or shooter, you should not avoid using recoil pads for shooting at your target.