EOTECH is a popular name in manufacturing the best HWS (holographic weapon sight). If you have shooting experience or are in contact with a gun user, you may surely have heard about this. Their EOTECH 512 holographic weapon sight is a device of excellence, quality, and updated technology. It’s the best alternative to other red dot weapon sights. It’s one of the best HWS even having no night vision compatibility. This EOTECH 512 holographic sight review will provide you access to learn more in detail.


EOTECH 512 REVIEW: [Quick Summary]

The EOTECH 512 holographic weapon sight is a military-grade weapon attachment. This lightweight sight is specially made for those who want clear vision in the medium range. This 11-ounce small device fits most of the rifles designed for moderate ranges. The 68 MOA (Minutes of Angle) ring and 1 MOA dot of 512 sight soothes the users’ minds. It provides a high-resolution image of the target.
The rear-facing window comes with shatter-proof glass laminate or the lens. This laminate is almost 3 inches thick. But the interesting thing is EOTECH 512 sight is lighter even having so thick lens. The total volume of 5.4 (width) x 2.25 (height) x 2 (length) inches. So, it becomes easy for the gun lovers to place both of their hands over it. The internal lenses never become foggy as they are tightly sealed.
This awesome gun sight remains protected when you are using it under the rain or in touch of water. The waterproof facility remains active up to 10 feet depth of water. The aluminum hood hides internal electronics which are highly protected by a resonated filling. No matter if there is any shock or vibration, it helps you getting increased functionality. The whole device runs with 2 standard AA rechargeable lithium batteries.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

When you are thing of buying a gun sight for your weapon, you should be well prepared. You should know which scope is perfect for your gun. Here are a few significant points you should care::

  • You should know what type of scope for your weapon. It’s not that you are forced to select HWS, red dot, duplex, laser sights. It depends on how fast and clear images you want.
  • Think about what you need. If it’s about long-range shooting or competition, you can select a scope with more times zoom capability. If the range is medium or moderate red dot or MOA dot scopes are suitable for your gun.
  • Check out the user reviews of the scope. A proper quality scope can have a minimum of 3.5 stars out of 5. This is because low-rated scopes won’t perform better. Even there can be a lack of different features.
  • Save your money before you spend money on incompatible devices. There are many precious qualities scopes available costing least than you can think.
  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of the gear before you order the product.

The Main Features of EOTECH 512 Holographic Sight:

If you are new to experience EOTECH 512 review, you are going to learn about these features. These features are idiosyncratic and spontaneous. The designers of this scope are highly professional. They have put everything of a quality HWS in this model of EOTECH gun scopes.


The circle reticle is of EOTECH is the most crucial part of the gear. 512 sight is quite different from other models of EOTECH weapon sights. You are guaranteed to experience clear, bright, and fog-free images with the 68 MOA ring and 1 MOA red dot. However, this whole thing is known A65/1 reticle pattern. It consists of three parts:

• 1 MOA dot centered on the outside ring.
• Large outside ring with 65 MOA (Minutes of Angle)
• Four quadrant ticks at the North, South, East and West points of the outer ring

Usually, in a red dot sight, there are 2 MOA dots available. But 512 holographic sight has only MOA dot. This dot is half in diameter of the red dot. So, there is always increased facility of getting more accurate targeting. It helps you to shoot at any range at any target. Problem with this single dot, you need to spend a more time for faster target acquisition. But you don’t need to worry. Because, there is the large outer circle. This large circle makes your visibility easier and helps you capture the target faster.


The reticle is proven satisfactory for any close quarter combat situations. In simple words, the large outer circle is good for fast target acquisition, and the center dot is for flawless precision. Set yourself 200 yards away from the target. Shoot at the target using the EOTECH 512 holographic weapon sight. There is the least chance to miss the aim. You can also make the target more visible like 600 yards ahead adding a magnifier.
The sight of 512 is virtually parallax free. You don’t need to compensate for it. When you move your eyes, holographic reticle won’t move the position from the target. You are going to love this two-eyes-open kind of shooting with 512 holographic weapon scope. Even when you are shooting keeping both eyes open, you get security and control which is helpful to make the shot count.
It’s another excellent feature of the EOTECH holographic scope. Mounting the 512 holographic scope is very simple to do. It would be best if you turned the knurled weaver cross bolts counterclockwise. Then attach to any 1” weaver (Picatinny rail better) and set the bolts in the opposite direction. You can also mount this to any MIL-STD 1913 Rails.
Mounted gear won’t lose its position even at very high recoil. You are ready to shoot just after mounting it to your gun.

Field of View

512 HWS has a field of view of 30 yards at 4 inches eye relief. This feature increases the visibility of the object. You can shoot with your gun all day long, whether it’s early morning or the evening. The brightness option is there to shoot without any redundancy. The brightness range is from 110000 to 1. The highest 110000 means it’s under full light or sunlight. However, there are around 20 different brightness settings that come with EOTECH 512 scope. You can change the brightness settings at any time according to your needs.

Night Vision Mode

Night vision enables us to view the living object at night or under darkness. Unfortunately, this is one backdrop of the EOTECH 512 holographic shot. But you can use this adequate scope in the low light. For night vision, upgrade to other models of EOTECH sights.


EOTECH 512 sight is designed for long time uses. It comes with 2 AA-size lithium, alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Each of these batteries is 1.5 V. So, there is no worry to use the scope for hours. The manufacturer claims that these lithium batteries have a lifespan of 2500 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 in the room temperature. The alkaline battery can work almost 2200 continuous hours in the same setting.

PROS and CONS of EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

Let’s see the whole content in shorter ways. These are the significant advantages and disadvantages of EOTECH 512 holographic weapon sight:


  • Comes with Military-grade features.
  • Electronically or battery-aided meticulous performance.
  • Great device for any close-combat deployment.
  • Lightweight and lasts longer.
  • The sturdy structure remains on position by absorbing shocks.
  • Waterproof up to 10 feet water depth.
  • 20 different brightness settings options.
  • One shot-zero feature is specially designed for the beginners.
  • Runs with 2 AA batteries.
  • Shatterproof optics.


  • No Night Vision.
  • Reticle quality inconsistency (varied performance, but still good enough).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are real EOTECH made in America are some other countries besides China?
A real EOTECH is made in the USA (Michigan). If you find an “EOTECH” made in any other country, it is fake.

Q. Can it be mounted to carry handle?
It is set up to mount directly on a rail. So, you would have to have an adapter or rail on your carry handle to attach it.

Final Verdict:

Holographic sight is an essential attachment for a rifle. It helps to locate and capture the target. This EOTECH 512 holographic weapon sight review assists the gun lovers in getting the real taste of capturing or shooting objects. It is perfect than you can expect. Get the experience of this device attaching to your favorite rifle. Have a great shooting life!

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