Best clay pigeon thrower has versatile usability. With the help of it, you can easily mingle with your shooting buddies. Basically, a skeet trap thrower is a mechanical device that flings clay pigeons for you to shoot at with a shotgun.

You can enjoy your free time with your loveable buddies and still have fun on your own without any restrictions. After using it you can improve your duck shooting skills.

This clay pigeon thrower comes in all shapes, sizes, and prices, but finding the best one is still hard in the recent market. Trust me, after long research, we make a list of top ten automatic and manual clay pigeon thrower in the market.

You may know that each clay having a unique shot and performance of their own. Most of the users will find it difficult to judge their specialties and so make the wrong decision.

If you are a beginner automatic clay pigeon thrower can help you practice the hunting skills by throwing at different directions and angles. You can easily aim to hit the target each and every time. In this process, you are able to enhance your shooting skills.

We tested different type of devices in a controlled environment to see their wind speeds, shooting accuracy. You have to see also some other features such as its performance, assembly, build quality, and easy control.

If you are a person who loves adventure and hunting without disturbing the nature and the animals. But do not want to avoid outdoor sports activity during your leisure time. Then it is an amazing choice for you, it can fulfill all your demands.

The clay pigeon shooting has been evolved over time. This sport has been like and enjoyed not only kids but also real men since last 10 years.

Best clay thrower makes the game more interesting and fun. Also, you can enhance the art of hunting at different angles and directions.

If you are using a plastic skeet thrower that required a decent amount of arm strength. On the other hand, you can use automated clay pigeon thrower. It is more consistency, convenience, and hours of shooting pleasure without wearing out your shoulder.

In this article, I will introduce top ten best clay pigeon thrower that is definitely worth your time and money. Also, here we discuss about the feature you have to eye on before buy. Here you can find both manual and automatic models for you to choose from.

After reading this article, you are able to buy a clay pigeon thrower, from a ton of different options for clay shooting on the market.



Before going into details, let’s take a quick look at the top10 clay pigeon thrower. It’ll help you to see within few seconds which one is the best to meet your needs.


2.TRIUS 10201 ONE STEP TRAP4.8/5

best Clay Pigeon Thrower Buying Guide:

We know that you want to spend your money on products that will serve you well for a long time without bothering you and does not require frequent maintenance.

Nowadays, most of the clay pigeon throwers available on the market are automatic, it requires setting up the equipment on the ground. You have to ensure that clay pigeon thrower is both sturdy and durable. Also, you have to aware of the certain types of equipment that can be damaged in the long term of sun exposer.

Considering your requirement and value your money, there are certain features you have to check before buying one. Here you find the main features that characterize the best trap throwing machines.

Overall construction:

Pigeon clay throwers are mechanical devices, so the build quality can be a consider before buying one. The best trap throwing machines are identified by their construction. Best pigeon clay thrower is built durable steel that shines well and looks like a new one after random uses.

Specifically, the best skeet thrower will feature a steel frame and an aluminum arm swing.

How you plan on using a thrower:
Everyone has a different purpose to buy pigeon clay throwers. But if you want a thrower for sharpening your shooting skills or you want a thrower for competitive purposes. It can fulfill all your demands. Even if you want a thrower for yourself, an expensive automatic unit might not be necessary in every case.

But for competitive purposes, an automatic thrower is the best choice. On the other hand, for beginners, an inexpensive unit will be an ideal starting point.

Size and Portability:

You have to acknowledge that the best skeet throwers are not the lightest devices or have much portability. If you plan on using your thrower regularly in the same place it will be great.

You have to know the weather patterns that are pretty much unpredictable, in that case, keeping it outside is not the best option. But you can do that if you want or need so.

So portability can be an issue to consider before purchasing a thrower. Definitely, a lighter compact thrower will be easy to haul outside every time you need it. You should look for a lightweight and small size with wheels to make mobility very smooth.


The adjustable angle feature, increases the chances of bettering your game. There are lots of products with an angle adjustments feature, so choose one that is best suited to you. Most of the clay pigeon thrower is automated which have that feature. On the other hand, the handheld ones have not that feature, it depends on the angle of the thrower himself.

Cartridge capacity:

Each machine has different cartridges capacity and it can hold a different number of clay stones at a time. It is important to look that it can accommodate the standard clays number or not?

Thrower cycle time:

The recycle time determines the distances between launches time. Two seconds cycle time can be great for use. It means it can throw a new clay in every 2 seconds.

Some launchers come with a pedal that successfully allows one person to operate and release the target. If you intend on doing shooting alone then this is a highly desirable feature.

Additionally, some machine can shoot single or double clay on the targets. If you need the double target capability, be aware of what models have this feature.

Performance and Price:

The price can be an important issue, that you have to consider. As a customer, you will want to go after an item that is rated with the best performance and features.

We can help you to keep your budget in check. In terms of performance, you will want to take the clay pigeon thrower that is able to shoot the furthest end, efficient motor, standard recycle time and so on. Right?

With the help of some great innovative technology that boosts the performance as well it come across at a reasonable price. Even you have a limited amount of money here you can find awesome clay thrower that, you can get your hands on.


It is another feature that can be handy. Most of the clay pigeon thrower comes with an up to 60 days’ warranty. This can protect you if something breaks or fails without paying money.


Some clay pigeon thrower has a weatherproof coating as well. It can help your target thrower last longer.

Additional Features and Items:

Most of the clay pigeon thrower has some additional features and items that make it unique in the market such as long-time battery support with long cables and remote controls. Some best skeet thrower includes extra nuts and bolts, clay guide rods and so on


 top 10 automatic & manual clay pigeon thrower review

After accomplishing extensive research and testing on various clay penguin thrower, we’ve selected 10 clay penguin thrower regarding quality, strength, stability, comfort as well as price. Hence you don’t have to worry much about it. To buy the best clay pigeon thrower, go through our expert’s review.

So, shall we engage the first product?

Let’s Go!

1.Champion Traps and Targets Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Automatic Trap(Editors’ Choice)


Product Overview

Champion WheelyBird 2.0 is one of the best clay pigeon thrower. It is powerful, and fantastic as it has an easy to use a magazine that fits all standard-size clay targets.

It has wireless remote, also including the foot pedal control. With the help of it, you can set a delay from 0 to 15 seconds.

Excellent Construction:

The wheelyBird auto-feed trap is pretty well constructed, portable just weighing 48 pounds. The design is very well that featuring two-wheels and a pull handle, moving this trap is a breeze. It has a metal horseshoe fixture at the top that makes the assembly far more rigid.

Easy to use magazine:

The magazine on this trap is simply a delight. Champion WheelyBird 2.0 is capable of holding up to 50 clay targets.

Powerful launcher:

This portable auto feed-trap is powered by a 12-volt battery, once it charged up, it can manage up to 3,000 throws. The cycle time is improved to 1.75 seconds. In terms of range, it can throw targets up to a range of 65 yards.

If you want, you can upgrade to a 33Ah Expert Power deep cycle battery after that you should expect approximately 5100 throws before the battery needs to be recharged.


  • Programmable delay up to 15 seconds.
  • Built-in metal stack holder.
  • Cycle time 1.75 Seconds.
  • 30 degrees’ launch angle adjustment
  • It is lightweight and highly portable
  •  Comes with DVD manual for assembly with easy to follow.


  • Some users complain that the wires are loosely connected .
  • The metal poles on this trip are not steady.
  • Sometimes the on/off safety switch is not well put together.

2.Trius 10201 One Step Trap

Trius 10201 One Step Trap

Product Overview

Trius 10201 One Step Trap is perfect for improve your shotgunning skills. It is designed for top-notch performance, utilizing high-strength steel frames.

Easy to control:

Trius Traps now has more innovative designs, quality materials, and precise craftsmanship. Delivers a new generation of more economical models that continue to meet the needs of the most demanding shotgunners.

One step shooting:

Trius 10201 One Step Trap is versatile that allows you to throw own targets by simply stepping on a foot pedal. It provides sit-down comfort for the operator while offering challenging targets for the shooter. It guarantees easy launching without inhibiting your ability to shoot.

Durable solid construction:

This clay pigeon thrower s constructed from solid steel and produce more durability and sturdiness. It is only 21 pounds, one of the lightest skeet throwers out there.

As it has the rigidity and toughness of steel, you can expect it will serve you for a long time.

Truespin technology:

It has the Tru-Spin throwing arm technology, so it can throw clays farther, faster, with greater stability, and less breakage up to 50 yards.

This technology gives a faster spin and more distance. Also, it guarantees years of damage-free performance.


  •  This is fully adjustable without the need for any tools.
  •  Has singles and piggyback doubles with throw regulation.
  •  Comes pre-assembled.
  •  Well-balanced and Inexpensive.
  •  Made from solid steel for impressive durability.


  • The pedal is faced awkwardly high, making it difficult to operate.
  • Downward pressure needs more force to be used for a good launch.
  • It is non-electric.

3.Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap

 Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap

Product Overview

The Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Trap is another good product to consider if you are shopping for a safe and powerful automatic skeet thrower.

You know that there are a lot of different models that champion makes in that electronic trap throwing market. It is one of their best if you’re looking for speed and ease-of-use feature.


This clay pigeon thrower has powerful motor and electrical wires have a 30-amp circuit breaker for protection. The launching arm has a safety ring that ensures a safe visual indication of a good throw.

The throws have holes and anchor plates welded to the trap feet. This ensuring a good balance while using the trap on the shooting field.


The arm can be easily unlocked with the safe on/off release switch. This has only 45 lbs. in weight, so it is easy to transport.

Perfect for sports:

This is very handy for a large group of beginners and who wants an easy to set up and worry-free piece of equipment.

It comes with everything you would expect such as extra fast launch time, an extended corded foot pedal, an adjustable arc, and full safety arm. Those features make this an excellent model for sports.


  • Comes with long foot pedal.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Good customer support.
  • Sturdy and well-constructed design.
  • Throws target easily up to 50 yards.


  • Expensive .
  • Heavy to transport .
  • The cord length may not be sufficient .

4.Trius 2 Birdshooter Trap


Product Overview

You can increase stability, just hold in place by your foot or tire mount. It has the capability to outperform other traps in the similar price range. Also, there is a high angle target retainer that added variety to the customer’s shooting.

It is very portable and convenient and comes with pre-assembled so there is less work on your part.

Sturdy construction:

The product has a very solid construction. It is manufactured from the same heavy-duty steel as its sibling “Trius One-step”. And so it is sturdy and will serve you well for a very long time. Very much portable, you can carry it where ever you want.

Adjustable launch mechanism:

This clay pigeon thrower can shoot more than two targets rapidly. This device can launch target to up to 50 yards. It has 3 adjustable angles such as flat, medium and high. This trap shooter is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced clay shooters.

All-around stability:

It is best for both single-person usage or for a group. You can rig up a release pedal of some sort as a solution if you want to use it alone.

It has a perfect design so it can work with a tire mount or be held to the ground. This shooter will launch targets in no time, without moving.


  • Aluminum arm and oil-impregnated bushings give you smooth shooting.
  • Inexpensive and does not require any tools to adjust.
  • Fully assembled and lightweight for portability.
  • Build from heavy gauge steel and aluminum.


  • The target platform is tiny so it will not hold up for long.
  • The spring and screw adjustments are not well designed.

5.Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap


Product Overview

Champion WheelyBird Auto Trap Thrower is ideal for everyone. It gives you an excellent opportunity to train on your own. You can shoot the targets without any help.

It has a safety barrier that made of the round PVC tube. So you can feel yourselves entirely safe while the clays are throwing away.

Compact and Stylish Design:

The Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed Trap thrower comes with compact and stylish design. Most of the people like this unique design for its durability and usability. Also, it is designed with current technology and made by only carefully selected high-quality materials.

Light-weight and Portable:

Light-weight and ultra-mobile making it very easy to move. Additionally, it is equipped with a pull handle and wheels which make it easy to move from one location to another location.

Electric Trap:

It is an electric thrower or trap that comes with a 12-volt deep cycle battery. Fully charged battery produces more than 3000 throws, this is enough for the most aggressive shooters.

Quick Reloading:

It requires a minimum loading time. You can effortless reload up to 50 clays in one time. There is also a throwing arm path indicator to increase safety while operating. It can throw around 1.5 seconds interval per clay.

It saves time and allows you to enjoy the shooting fully. At the same time, you can adjust the height and angle of flight. You can carry Champion WheelyBird Auto Trap Thrower in even in a small car or motorcycle.


  • 55 yards’ maximum launching distance.
  • You can adjust up to 30 degree.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to maintenance.
  • Comes with instruction DVD.


  • It has a slight tendency to “move” at the time of throwing, especially on concrete.
  • Some consumers face a few problems to assemble this device.

6.Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower Trap


Product Overview

One of the main features is that you don’t have to reload it frequently. It has the standard two and a half second recycle time. So you have every two and a half seconds a new bird in the air. It can load up to 50 target magazine for more shooting and less downtime.

Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower Trap can shoot anywhere from five yards to 55 yards. So you can challenge yourself on that course. It does not matter the weather is sunny or cloudy, you get the bird out there.

It has a foot-activated pedal release with a 25-foot cord, with the help of it you can shoot this trap with one person. This 25-foot chord with pedal let you operated the thrower yourself. Aircraft-grade aluminum is used to build to ensure the quality and durability of the product that ensures a flawless throwing of pigeons with an easy adjustment of shooting angles.

Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play let you practice more so that you become perfect and have fun at the trap range in the field. It really helps shooters turn their favorite shooting sport into a year-round activity and makes your shooting trap a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Also, it comes with unique ground spikes that help to reduce vibrations and increases the stability of the thrower.


  • Ground spikes provide a superior hold.
  • It has wobbler and wireless remote.
  • Safety ring helps shooters keep away from danger areas.
  • An easy stack of 25 clays helps in continuity.
  • It has a 12V deep cycle marine battery.


  • Only can holds a 25 clays.
  • The battery isn’t included in the package.

7.Gunpowder Gear Blue Quail Auto Skeet Thrower Trap


Product Overview

Gunpowder Gear Blue Quail is well designed for gun owners at any skill level. It has an incredibly affordable with top-of-the-line alternatives with ease. It can hold 25 clay pigeons for you to blast out of the sky. The solid steel frame ensures that it’s not going to break down on you without a fight.

Though it has no wheels. But it has the alternative options, this clay thrower has classic foot pedal release that harkens back to skeet shooting. When flimsy remotes and shoddy digital gadgets didn’t suck. Then the fun out of everything. Isn’t it?

Gunpowder Gear Blue Quail has replaceable parts, so you don’t need to worry about repairs with this rugged product.

It can throw approximately 55 yards’ distance. If you are beginners looking to make your first clay thrower purchase this product can be reliability over flair in their equipment.

This is one of the most lightweight and portable throwers available in the market. It is built for high performance just a few minutes to start.


  • It takes just 25 secs for a fast shooting experience.
  • It can be used by both men and women who seek adventure.
  • Easy for transportation, it is just 27 pounds’ weight.
  • Made with a solid steel frame for stability and durability.


  • Batteries are not included.

8.Do-All Outdoors Backyard Clayhawk 3/4 Cock Clay Pigeon Skeep Thrower Trap


Product Overview

Do-All Outdoors Backyard Clayhawk is made of durable and sturdy steel and sits on four legs. It is more stable with ground spikes. Additionally, it has a stable foldable chair. The legs of the device can be slipped-in to the ground for more balance with a 2-inch hitch mount.

The mount has three pivot mount for connecting your receiver. The ground spikes are designed to hold the clay pigeon shooter to the ground strongly while in use.

This shooter is pretty much durable, also easy to use and set up. It has a target range of 70-100 yards. You can mimic the flight mode of a duck or the hopping of a rabbit.

It has the most advanced feature so you can know exactly what direction the shooter will shoot in with the Hi-Viz safety ring. Also, you can adjust your pigeons to any size or shape.

You can successfully adjust to the standard, battue clays, Mini 60mm Midi 90mm, and 108mm rabbit, also you can set your machine to throw your clay pigeons as singles, nesting pairs, ad stacked doubles. Here is the option available to select the single target mode which shoots out just one clay pigeon.

It is simplistic, easy-to-use, and even comes equipped with a triangular base. The entire trap is constructed from steel, and the built-in spikes increase ground stabilization.

It has great launching power that allowing you to throw discs up to 70-yards in any direction, this is the perfect option for anyone who is trying to save a little money.


  • It allows you to use any shape or size of clay targets.
  • Solid construction that ensures durability.
  • Can throw 5 targets set as singles or doubles.
  • Allows you to throw targets up to 70 yards in all direction and any angle.
  • Unbelievably easy to use with easy cocking technology.
  • Adjusting bolts allow the arms to throw clay targets at 90 degrees .


  • The teeth on the locking mechanism don’t always engage properly.
  • Product weights approximately 21.9 pounds.

9.Promatic Pigeon Clay Target Thrower Automatic Trap Machine Skeet


Product Overview

Promatic Pigeon Clay Target Thrower Automatic Trap Machine Skeet is another best clay pigeon thrower produce by Promatic. It has nice color and strongly builds with a 1-year parts warranty.

Excellent Construction:

Promatic Pigeon Clay Target Thrower is very much portable as it has two-wheels and a pull handle, so you can move this trap is a breeze efficient without lifting it.


It can successfully throw a clay up to 70 plus yards. You can load 50 clay at a time. Also, there is a foot pedal release with an optional wireless remote release system. If you need it can be elevated up to 10-30 degrees.

Easy to control:

Promatic Pigeon Clay Target Thrower Automatic Trap Machine Skeet has innovative designs, also build in best quality materials. The switch, electrics cable, and battery capacity are compact accordingly what most of the consumer want.


  • Built-in metal stack holder.
  • Hopper capacity: 50 Clay Targets.
  • 10 to 30 degrees’ launch angle adjustment.
  • It can launch up to 70+ yards.
  • It has wireless remote and foot pedal.


  • Some users complain that it has a much slower cycle time.
  • First time assembling can be a tricky one.

10.SureThrow Clay Target Thrower


Product Overview

SureThrow Clay Target Thrower can be practiced for single or double targets. This device has nice and smooth spring action mechanism that enables you to operate in a free manner. It is also perfect for beginners and professional shooters.

You can handle this product by using either of your two hands or you can use it on the left or the right side. There are two standard sized targets that can be utilized while practicing shooting. Fortunately, the lightweight design gives you a comfortable feeling while practicality.

This handheld clay pigeon thrower comes in a unique design produce easy to load, easy to target and to set the position successfully. The design and build quality are so much accurate that it works well even in cold weather conditions. So the target never breaks and gives you a fantastic shooting experience.

Do you know it can throw the targets at pretty fast speed even in over a long distance of about 90 yards? Additionally, the manufacturer guarantees that you can consistently use it at larger spring rates. Because it is made up of tough laminated wood with a strong finishing for actual shooting in freezing weather conditions. The total weight of this clay hand pigeon thrower is 12.3.

 SureThrow Clay Target Thrower is one of the best pigeon thrower that has greater practicality in the form of less space requirement.

As this device is made from high-quality material, it is best suited for taking out your favorite targets. Also, it does not get stiffened up in cold climates and so it is considered as one of the modern automatic skeet shooters.


  • Easy loading of clays and enables easy throws.
  • It can throw up to 90 yards for singles and up to 65 yards for doubles.
  • It comes with an affordable and attractive price.
  • High-quality laminated woodworks amazingly .


  • Small in size and so not good for long-duration shooting.
  • The tiny frame is not efficient for taking it out in hot weather.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1.What is a clay pigeon thrower?

Clay pigeon thrower is a mechanism that is used in shooting ranges. Basically it is used to shoot clay farther up in the air to see who can shoot with more accuracy and precision in the sports. With the help of it, your hunting accuracy will be improved.

2. What is an automatic skeet thrower?

An automatic skeet thrower has a detachable magazine so that you can easily put the clay. It has a release cable with a foot pedal for operating the thrower.

Not only that an automatic skeet thrower has an aluminum throwing arm, high-capacity clay target holders and adjustable distance settings.

3. How does an automatic skeet thrower work?

There are two systems available an automatic skeet thrower, it runs either on a 12v battery or a power converter which you can plug into the power supply.

It has a magazine that varies in every model, once you’ve loaded it, there is a pedal at the bottom. When you pressing, it launches the skeet into the air.

4. What is Manual Skeet Thrower?

A manual skeet thrower has a U-shaped opening where you put the skeet and fix it before throwing. Basically, it relies on the power of your elbow and arm.

It is also known as hand clay throwers, made of plastic to add flexibility and allows you to increase the speed and distance with minimum effort.

5. What is the difference between an automatic and manual skate thrower?

The main difference between the two is the distance covered basically. An automatic skate thrower covers a greater distance because of its motor power.

The manual skit thrower requires two-person, one person’s skit and targeting the other. So if you are working as a stand-alone hunter, avoid the manual skit thrower. It depends on the user’s ability, so the throws aren’t equal all the time.

On the other hand, with a foot paddle, you can throw and still have enough time to aim at. It extracts human error and provides consistent results.

6. What is the best, manual or automatic skitter thrower?

It depends on person to person according to their skill and experience. If you are experienced in the field, then you can use an automatic skate thrower that can throw up to 50 yards. On the other hand, if you are a beginner then the manual thrower will meet your basic needs.

7. What is the basis of automatic skate thrower?

The bottom of the skit thrower is considered the base of the mounting because it determines the distance and path.

If you do not change the position of the trap thrower, it will throw in the same direction each time. There may be required to buy and install different types of bases separately if you want to change the direction.

8. What are the different types of bases?

There are mainly two types of bases most skeet throwers normally have an oscillating base and a wobble base.

The oscillating base oscillates the skeet left and right. It ensures that the clays come out of the same spot left or right. It doesn’t change the elevation of the skeet, but effectively make the target more challenging for the shooter to hit.

If you want to change the elevation, then go for a wobble base. It changes the router taken by the skeet. Wobble base is perfect hunting for quail and pheasant.

9. What are trap controls?

A trap control is a mechanism with the help of it you can launch the clay into the air. Normally, it is spring-loaded, rotational or flywheel devices designed to launch at different angles up to 100 meters.

10. What are the types of trap controls?

There are two types of trap controls a handheld push button and a plug-in foot pedal.

The plug-in foot pedal is better if you’d be shooting alone. On the contrary, hand-held push buttons, require the assistance of another person. One person shot and others hit the target.

11. What is cycle time?

The cycle time is the duration that is required between the two launches. Most of the pigeon throwers have a cycle time of 2 seconds, means it can throw a new clay in every 2 seconds.

What is the difference between a Safety Ring and a Safety Pin?
Safety ring and safety pin both are safety features that you can find on the high-end automatic throwers.

A safety ring is a visual indicator that shows the path of the clay will take. The safety pin successfully prevents the arm from accidental release.

Final Thoughts:

After reading this article finding the best skeet thrower should not have to be a headache anymore. Here has all the right information, that you need. It is our belief that this article helped you to buy a perfect clay pigeon thrower in your budget with all the feature you may need.

Also, you can find best skeet thrower for practice, for challenges or for clubbing activity, with best performs unique features and that has different combinations.

Here we have reviewed the best clay pigeon thrower on the market. Among them, Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Automatic Trap has a superior feature, along with a powerful motor and a revolutionary design that made it the best. It is an ideal choice for any shooter. The unique feature that it has definitely made your shooting time filled with fun and thrills.

Another useful feature is that you can easily move where ever you want as it is lightweight and portable. It can produce the best value of your money.

Thanks for reading the article. Trust me after long research we make this shortlist to make sure that you are investing in something really good and durable. If you face any problems simply let us know we will try to help you as soon as we can.