Battle belt- quite a dramatic name it has got, right?

However, it’s not essential that you will use a battle belt only in the next world war. These are in fact, quite purposeful for people who’ve to carry a handful of items along the waist area.

To be specific, we are talking about hunters, military and security personnel. Persons like them have to carry radios, walkie talkies, spare

magazines, knives, IFAKs, Gerber multi-tool, and whatnot? And the all-in-one housing solution for them is- a good war belt of the market.

To be specific, we are talking about hunters, military and security personnel. Persons like them have to carry radios, walkie talkies, spare magazines, knives, IFAKs, Gerber multi-tool, and whatnot? And the all-in-one housing solution for them is- a good war belt of the market.

In today’s’ article, we are up with the mission of bringing you the best battle belt reviews of the market of 2020. We have analyzed 34 products in total and ended up with these 10 top picks in the end.

Let’s get rolling-

best battle belt comparison Table


High Speed Gear Slim Grip Padded

  • Materials: 100% Nylon
  • Dimensions: 35 x 3.9 x 3.1 inches
  • Weight: 11 ounces
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5.11 Tactical Men's VTAC Combat Belt

  • Materials: 500D nylon
  • Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 11 oz
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Condor LCS Cobra Gun Belt

  • Materials: Proprietary LCS & scuba webbing
  • Dimensions: Adjustable
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large
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Viking Tactics VTAC Battle Belt

  • Materials: 500d Cordura padded & 3D mesh
  • Dimensions:12.87 x 4.45 x 2.72 inches
  • Weight: 30 oz
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Condor Outdoor Slim Battle Belt

  • Materials: Rubberized pad & 3D mesh
  • Dimensions: 12.87 x 4.45 x 2.72 inches
  • Weight: 8.7 oz
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Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

  • Size: Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large, 2X Large
  • Dimensions: Adjustable
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
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OneTigris Padded Patrol Belt Dual-use

  • Materials: 1000D Nylon
  • Dimensions: 35 x 3.9 x 3.1 inches
  • Weight: 11.29oz
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Condor Gen II Battle Belt MultiCam

  • Materials:100% nylon and 3D mesh
  • Dimensions:3 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 8 oz
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Hazard 4 Waistland MOLLE Load Belt

  • Materials:Invista(R)1000D Cordura(R)(500D Camo models)
  • Dimensions:2 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 11.4 ounces
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BLACKHAWK Padded Patrol Belt and

  • Materials:MOLLE webbing
  • Dimensions: Adjustable
  • Weight: 11 oz
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What are the advantages of using a battle belt?

One belt means so many uses. Yes, We talk about the Battle belt. You can use this battle belt for numerous Purposes. The amazing design will regale your heart. The battle belt provides you with comfortability and you can feel free to move with this battle belt across the waist.

The prime plus side of a battle belt is that It can allow you to have rapid access to necessary items. For defense purposes, there is no alternative product that can prioritize over the battle belt.


Top 10 Best Battle Belt Reviews And Buying Guide

We’ve selected 10 Battle Belt regarding quality, strength, stability, comfort as well as price. Hence you don’t have to worry much about it. To buy the battle Belt, go through our expert’s review.

So, shall we engage the first product?

Let’s Go!

1.HSGI Slim Sure Grip Padded Belt

best battle belt

It’s a rare incident when you find a combination of compactness in design and a handful of functions in a single battle belt. Our #1 ranked best belt seems to come with a surprise for us. Presenting, the beautiful and solid- HSGI Slim Sure-Grip Padded Belt.

We will break down the features below-

As always, it’s the structure and design that we worry about at first place. This belt is, however, made of 100% export quality Nylon. The thickness is just 0.75 inches, and that’s impressive too.

To provide you a soothing experience while carrying this belt, there is a Neoprene padding. If you don’t’ know what it is, then let us say- it’s just like a layer of meshing that provides gel-like comfort. As a benefit, you won’t even feel the existence of this belt at all.

We have to admit that it’s a low profile belt comparing to many of the top-rated products. But within this low profile, HSGI had been able to provide a perfect level of grip.

There are a couple of access ports that are kept at even positions. Within this access ports, you can house loads and sub load like holsters, guns, accessories, mag pouches, etc.

To let you have a quick removal, there is an HPDE stiffener, which tightens or loosens the belt with your body. In case you want to install an additional belt to hold more of your gears, this stiffener will be in your help.

In terms of size compatibility, this belt is a true ninja. Starting from 30.5 inches to 46 inches- you can find anything within. Just make sure that your size is available when you’re ordering the item.

From every viewpoint, we have found HSGI Slim Sure Grip Padded Belt one of the best shots in the game. What do you think?


  • 100% Nylon made high built quality.
  • Comes with a soothing gel-like layer underneath the nylon.
  • Pretty compact in size, only 3 inches wide and 0.75 inches thick.
  • Sports a level of grip.
  • A couple of access ports at even positions.
  • A removable stiffener to make it more stable to wear.
  • Can install secondary gears like interior belts.
  • Waist coverage within 30.5-46 inches.


  • Doesn’t feature a meshed interior layer.

2. 5.11 VTAC Combat Battle Belt

 5.11 VTAC Combat Battle Belt

Users are in essence of a combat battle not only for working as a safety agent. There are many indoor and outdoor games, where this gear is essential to wear. One of such games is Airsoft. And the product that we are talking about now, is a perfect suit for that. The name is 5.11 VTAC Combat Battle Belt.

The sole material that builds this belt is 500D Nylon, which is a proven material to be waterproof, weatherproof and durable. Beneath the 500D Nylon belt, you will have a layer of soothing mesh, made in an aerospace style.

The mesh is not removable anyhow like we have seen in the previous product. But who wants to do that anyway, right?

When you will load this belt up with airsoft gun and equipment, you will have to make sure that this can distribute the weight across your body evenly. Otherwise, you can’t move with utter comfort.

To give you a hand, here comes the biggest selling point of this product. It has the ability to evenly distribute the weight that this carries. So, your hip or waist won’t feel heavy as you load this belt with tools and gears.

To stuff this belt with as many weapons and tools you want, this comes with a SlickStick web platform along with polymer inserts. Together, there are wide options in terms of tools and equipments that you can house.

Next question? Yeah, it’s the waist size. Well, the good news is, 5.11 VTAC Combat Battle Belt can give you a waist size coverage of 26.5 inches to 42 inches. Impressive, right?

There are two color choices to chose from- the Sandstone, and the Black. We prefer to be with the first one. .


  • Made of 500D nylon material.
  • Slickstick style web platform along with polymer insert.
  • Comes with even weight distribution.
  • Aerospace style interior meshing.
  • A great size range of 26.5 inches to 42 inches.
  • Quite lightweight and compact.


  • Doesn’t sport a quick release mechanism.

3.Condor LCS Cobra Gun Belt – best gun belt

The CONDOR LCS cobra gun belt is the most recent battle belt among the best to our heap bearing belt family. Built with rock-solid webbing and fortified with an extra layer of scuba webbing to deal with the overwhelming burden.

Condor LCS Cobra Gun Belt has some interesting design choices. This battle belt can be easily used as a two belt system. So it can be used with an inner belt or a stand-alone belt. The removable inner belt is an anti-slip belt. It has 2″ wide MOLLE compatible webbing throughout the belt. This allows the belt to handle heavy loads. The buckle of this belt is a 2″ genuine COBRA buckles by AUSTRIALPIN

The belt outside highlights our restrictive LCS material with non-conventional molle spaces to settle connections. This adaptable belt can be utilized related to an internal belt or as an independent.

It has 2 inches wide belt. And the sizes come in as Small/Medium: 34.5″ – 38.5″ belt length, Waist size 30″-32″, Medium/Large: 40.5″ – 44.5″ belt length, Waist size 34″-36″, Large/X-Large: 46.5″ – 50.5″ belt length, Waist size 38″-40″

The main difference of this belt is the buckle. The plastic buckle is going to be the valve and the other one is LCS buckle and the look of the belt is quite sleek.


  • 2″ webbing with an additional layer of scuba webbing
  • Made of LCS material
  • This belt can be used with an inner belt and as a stand-alone belt
  • This belt can handle the heavy load
  • Compatible MOLLE attachments and very customizable
  • Compact and comfortable design


  • Has confusing name and can be confused with other Condors battle belt.
  • The belt moves around in pressure .

4.Viking Tactics VTAC Battle Belt

When it comes to a quality best battle belt, Viking Tactics VTAC Battle Belt might be the perfect one to choose from. It is comfortable and light in weight approximately 8 ounces.

Despite being a lightweight product it is compatible with more than an average number of the MOLLE, pocket, and pouches attached to it.

They comes in 4 different sizes; medium 30 1/2 “; Large 34 1/2″, XL 37 1/2″ and XXL 39 1/2”. Also, they have two different colors; black and green. So it is good that a gun owner has more than one option to choose.

It designed such a way that a stiffener is built in to keep it stiff when it is on our back to give support. They also put mesh in here so that we can breathe easily and do not feel the tightening.

The durability of this belt is higher than usual. Compare to other belts it is quite strong because this one is made with a 500d nylon.

A 6 – inch high-thickness plastic addition fortifies the belt, permitting the wearer to convey substantial burdens for extensive periods. Moreover, this belt highlights belt weaving spaces found each 3 crawls over the Molle permitting the shooter adaptability and measured quality in joining his pack.

Also, there are a good amount of slots to pun enough gun items, about 3 inches apart. This increases the modularity and versatility of this battle belt. Also, it allows us to customize and arrange the belt the way we want to. This allows the user to convey heavy loads for a long time.

It is one of the pricy yet good quality belts that we can rely on.

Viking Tactics VTAC Battle Belt is one of the priciest belts on the list. But it is also one of the best battle belts available on the market. The features and durability make up for its relatively higher price.


  • Made from durable 500D nylon material
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Nylons are quite strong material for a belt like this
  • Have mane section to put enough items
  • Tightly attached but no stiffness
  • The extra pocket section in each molly
  • Both regular and slide holster attached


  • has a higher price
  • does not have a quick-release mechanism.

5.Condor Outdoor Slim Battle Belt

Condor Outdoor Slim Battle Belt

Alright, we are the dead bottom of the 6 products that we were supposed to talk about today. At the end of the list, we have got the Condor Outdoor Slim Battle Belt, which is quite compact and thin. For younger users, this might be a good pick.

There was a model from the brand called the Gen2 Battle Belt, and this model we are talking about is the successor model of that. The profile is quite slimmer than the previous model, and that’s the biggest selling point of it.

Moving forward from the profile to the material, we have got an assurance of durability from the user. There are a few side panels with loop and hook on it. With those, you can attach a number of essential accessories.

There are three anti-slip pads that are removable. No matter how much weight you carry, or how much slippery your skin gets, this won’t come off its place. In case you are not sure enough, you can attach shoulder straps along with the belt.

The sizing details are quite okay for all sort of users. As you can see in the picture, this belt is quite narrow in terms of width. And it covers a waist range of 30 to 46 inches. So, users of any weight and thickness will find it comfortable.


  • Improved from its previous version Gen2 Battle belt.
  • Quite a good load-bearing capacity.
  • 4 anti-slip pads that are removable.
  • Covers weight range from 30 inches to 46 inches.
  • Great load distribution mechanism.
  • Contains 4 D rings for weight distribution.
  • A couple of leg rig attachment openings.
  • A couple of rows of webbing.
  • Quite thick profile, best for thin people.


  • Doesn’t come with an expected waist range under 30 inches.

6.Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle

Another best battle belt is there for us, and it is Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle. It is attached to an inner and outer belt. The inner belt is 1.5 inches and the outer belt is 2 inches. They come in 5 different sizes; small 34 to 36 inches, medium 37 to 39 inches, large 40 to 42 inches, XL 43 to 44 inches, XXL 46 to 48 inches.

The narrow width design of the belt came to an attraction. They do not look like some ordinary wide belt which looks kind of floppy. The design, shape, and size of the belt made it look perfect to most of the users.

Of the cool factor of this product is that it is customizable. This is possible because of its multiple attachments to the belt.

The belt is pretty good quality and it is so thick that generally, it is difficult to get something through the loops of the belt.

There is a single looking pocket which is a 2 different pocket which is attached with a duel zipper and of course they are 2 separate chambers.

The “UGF” Belt is a lightweight two-piece stage. Explicitly planned because of the shooter. Gone are the times of bulky larger than usual “Fight Belts” and wearing numerous belts to the range.

This “inward/external” belt framework includes a cushioned agreeable 1.5-inch internal belt and a 2-inch external belt with numerous connection focus making it completely adaptable. The strong snare and circle strips keep your instruments of the exchange secure and right where they should be. UGF Belts presently have 3 point circles for the UGF Suspenders.

It has the semi molly webbing for the users to attach pouches so it is tight on the waist.


  • compact and less bulky design
  • interesting 2 belt design
  • the padded inner belt makes it a comfortable wear
  • It is made for all gender
  • It is customizable so attached with the body easily
  • Easy to handle and no special instructions required


  • it is the most expensive belt in the list
  • the inner belt caused the fitting issue on some people

7.OneTigris Padded Patrol Belt Dual

 OneTigris Padded Patrol Belt Dual

The next pick on the podium is the OneTigris Padded Patrol Belt Dual, which is rather called a Molle belt by the users. We have taken this belt into our list for some of its unique selling points.

Let us break it down-

First thing first, it’s the construction of the belt that left us at the utter impression. You can see how the Coyote Brown color of the belt makes a perfect match with others of your gear.

The sole material used to build this product is 1000D Nylon, which is great for durability. On top of that, there is breathable padding that keeps you comfortable even with a belt full of equipment.

However, the padded layer is optional stuff. You can keep it off if you want.

To keep your stuff and gears organized and accessible, there are 3 rows of webbing straps in this belt. The straps are of Molle system, and that’s why you can call it by a Molle belt as well.

Now, the next question is, how accessible these gears will be once you put them into this belt?

Well, there is a quick release buckle installed, which ensures quick access to your tools. No matter you’re up to the shooting, hunting, military activities, paintball, airsoft and anything else, this will be quite an essential feature for you.

What about the size? Well, there are three different size variations of this battle belt, which covers a waist range of 31 inches to 44 inches. Based on your own waist size, you can choose the right fit.


  • Made of high quality 1000D Nylon.
  • 3 different rows of Molle style webbing straps.
  • Comes with a breathable layer of padding.
  • Covers a waist size range from 31 inches to 44 inches.
  • Quick release buckle for quick access.
  • Can hold a number of gears and add-ons.
  • Removable buckle strap, in case you don’t need it.


  • Doesn’t have any D-rings.

8.Condor Gen II Battle Belt

Condor Gen II Battle Belt

In case you are going to seek a battle belt model that lies within quite a low price, this Condor Gen II Battle Belt is the item you should check. As a matter of fact, it’s our #8th best pick of the list. Let’s explore what’s deep inside this belt-

There are many belts in the market, which are all good. But the width of the belt seems to be a problem. Too wide models that are made for comfort, seems to be troublesome for thin users.

But this contoured shape of the Condor Gen II Battle Belt is quite comfortable for kneeling, bending and other sorts of movements. When you’re in outdoor games like airsoft, this might be beneficial.

Apart from this, the thickness of the belt is quite impressive. To give it a layer of sooth and comfort, there is a padded mesh, and that’s quite a regular virtue.

To attach as many items as possible, there are 4 D-style rings, 2 leg rig openings, and regular slots to add up items. In case you feel it be too heavy, there are options to attach shoulder straps as well.

Worrying of the durability? Well, there comes one of the biggest selling points of this product. The material used to build this product is the Crye Precision Multicam fabric. The name might be unfamiliar for you, just google it and see how durable it is indeed

In terms of size variations, there are three regular sizes of it- small, medium and large. You can choose according to your preference.


  • Crye Precision Multicam fabric made compact battle belt.
  • Not too stiff, you can bend, kneel and run with it.
  • Way thinner than typical low price combat belts.
  • 4 D rings to attaching shoulder straps with the belt.
  • Can be compiled with 1.5-2 inches web bolt.
  • Comes with 2 leg rig attachment openings.
  • Three size variation- small, medium and large.


  • The D-rings are not strong enough to carry around loads.

9.HAZARD 4 Waistland MOLLE Load Belt – best molle belt

 HAZARD 4 Waistland MOLLE Load Belt

Strength and comfort- you want the combination of these two virtues in the best war belt for you. And to meet both ends of it here comes our #9 ranked HAZARD 4 Waistland MOLLE Load Belt!

The best part of this Molle load belt is its design and aesthetics. Comparing to usual 2-3 inches wide belt, this belt comes with 4.7 inches, etc. And the waist size range is from 29.9 inches to 41 inches.

So, that was the dimension of the belt. Now, what about the design and padding?

Well, the material used to build this belt is Invista and 1000D Cordura. If these materials seem familiar to you, these are the extreme source of sturdiness, strength, and support.

To make this belt comfortable, the padded mesh is made to be loadbearing. There is a 3D mesh air right under the belt, which makes it quite comfortable and painless.

The next important question is- how fast this belt is in use? Well, there is a much expected quick buckle, which helps for quick loading and unloading. There is a set of D-rings, which helps you to hang up essential tools and accessories.

In case you have way more objects that what you should carry with a battle belt of such size, there are some good news. Along with the D-belts and all those pockets, there are places to attach shoulder straps. So, weight distribution seems not to be an issue at all.

The last thing that a person is concerned about is the price-quality ratio. And from that viewpoint, the HAZARD 4 Waistland MOLLE Load Belt is a jackpot. Rest assured, it can definitely be your best belt in battle forever.vanced settings.


  • Invista 1000D and Cordura 500D mate battle belt.
  • 4.7 inches wide pad for comfortable carrying.
  • D-rings for shoulder strap attachment.
  • Quick release buckle for fast accessing.
  • 3D mesh air permeable layer for effortless use.
  • A size coverage starting from as low as 29 inches.
  • Quite pocket-friendly in terms of price.


  • For thick persons, the width might be uncomfortable.

10.BLACKHAWK Padded Patrol Belt

The other best battle belt BlackHawk STRIKE Cushioned Watch Belt is intended for the individuals who need the absolute best apparatus. With a shut froth guidance and customizable length, you will have the option to stack this obligation belt with the entirety of your crucial Molle perfect apparatus.

Intended to be worn over your current obligation gear, you can work out this watch belt to have snappy access to the rigging your requirement for your basic strategy.

Some people go for heavy-duty products then BLACKHAWK Padded Patrol Belt might be a perfect choice for them. They are quite heavy because they are made of nylon. But to make it comfortable it surrounds with foam that repels moisture to keep our waist cool and dry.

They come in 4 different sizes; X-Small 32.5 to 42 inch, Small 37 to 43 inch, Medium 43 to 49 inch, Large 46 to 52 inch. Also, it is secured by 2.25″ side-release clip with alteration pull tabs.

Desert Tan-hued belts are cushioned with S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing and suit any S.T.R.I.K.E. pockets. Made sure about by 2.25″ side-discharge clasp with change pull tabs. Shut cell froth material doesn’t assimilate dampness or sweat.

It has got the molly or webbing which is their brand of it and it is a strike STR compatible. The buckle is also a BLACKHAWK brand and they are durable. The stitches of the product are so well that it will hardly fall off.

It has adjustable pull tabs on either side for exact fitting and sizing on both sides. They can also be tethered down once the users know the correct sizing. Also, there is a side discharge clasp with alteration pull tabs, cushioned belt with molle webbing.

It is the cheapest belt on this list. But its low price does not compromise its quality. It is a wonderful choice for real tactical operators and recreational users. This belt is one of the top battle belts for people with a tight budget.


  • 2 rows of webbing for S.T.R.I.K.E/MOLLE attachments
  • 2Modular battle belts
  • 2Has 2.25” quick release side buckle
  • 2The 3-D mesh foam padding makes it comfortable to use
  • 2Closed-cell foam padding keeps moisture away and keeps you dry
  • Great pistol holder
  • Very comfortable for all-day combat classes


  • This belt is not as durable as another belt in the list
  • The caused fitting issue for some people
  • Does not have enough color option

Best Battle belt Buyer’s Guide

As you are done with going through all 6 reviews, it’s time to hone up your purchase decision. There are a few important buying factors that we would like to draw your attention into-

The Material

Some of the brands use 100D Nylon, some use 500D nylon, and some other brands use a mix up of different polymer. No matter what, you have to ensure that the material used in the belt, is strong enough to sustain heavyweights, and go on for at least a few years of use. 

The Number of Attachment Options

In many models in the list, you might have seen that they provide one or two layers of webbings to hand up items. Some other models come with D-rings and different types of attachment options. Keep an eye on that.

So, Always looks for a battle belt that is compatible with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) attachments.

The Comfort

You don’t’ want to end up in a slipped over battle belt due to sweat or rain, right?

To make sure that doesn’t happen, make sure the belt has a layer of mesh, or a gel layer to let you work with comfort. Make sure it has anti-slippery pads as well.

The Quick Accessing Facility

You don’t want to spend a few minutes each time you put something on the belt or take something off. So, ensure that your battle belt has a quick releasing mechanism.

 FAQ About Best Battle belt 

1Does The Battle Belt fit well with a plate carrier?

Answer: Yes The battle belt fits perfectly with the plate carrier.

2. Does The Battle Belt Protect the users from harm?

Answer: A very big question indeed It is. Some battle belt consists of armor plating, on the other hand, some battle belt contains a shield.
However, The users can add the protection facility if they need it. But the main fact is that adding protection increases the heaviness of the belt that the users might not feel comfortable to wear.

3. Is the Battle Belt Lightweight?

Answer: A very common question from the users is now online. A battle belt is used for military purposes, law enforcement agencies, and other rough and tough stuff.
A Battle belt is generally lightweight and It is easy to carry and that you go on for adventure with the battle belt.

4. Are the Battle Belt Durable?

Answer: Why Not? Indeed It is. The battle belt is made of heavy materials that last for a long time even in the rough and tough environment.

Bottom Line

Alright, guys. That’s the wrap up for today. We hope you’ve enjoyed going through the 10 battle belt reviews and picked up yours one by now. Our last advice would be to keep an eye on the price-quality ratio.

Good luck!