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Suppose it is 2 AM and you are alone in home. Suddenly, you hear a knock on the door unexpectedly. What will you do this night?

Well. It may be an assumption. But it can happen in reality. You should look for anything that can provide you a bit safer. Picking up a stick or something like that may work but not inevitably. Nowadays, many people use the pistol for their safety. A pistol is shorter, more lightweight and handier than a long rifle. There is no alternative to use battle belt. You can keep the pistol in the battle belt. However, this article is about the ins and outs of battle belt for home defense.

What is a battle belt?

A battle is also known as a war belt. Its primary purpose is to buckle up the pistol and unbuckle when you need it. Modern battle belt has different functions. It can carry many battle equipment including the handgun. You can keep gun, bullet, bandages, even your cellphone too.

Background of the battle belt:

It’s hard to find from where the battle belt came. It was prevalent from the war started thousand years ago to carry war equipment around the waist. In 1970s, US army used to wear ALICE around their waist to take necessary things. ALICE consisted of gun belt and suspenders. Those armies carried different pouches of ammunition, water bottle, entrenching tools, band-aids, and other small stuff in ALICE. Later on, LBV (load-bearing vests) helped to carry extra loads. It was the beginning to make body armor from LBV. MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) webbing provides facility to attach pouches on the armor’s exterior.

As the body armor is heavy and more extensive, people started to use the battle belt for moving at ease. It also helped them to carry necessary tools without any hassles. The battle belt for home defense we use presently is very much helpful in mobility. It can be the best fighting gear for home uses.

Structure of the battle belt:

The battle belt can have different dimensions in its design. Some of these belts have the facility to use belt pouches, mounting a holster. There can be optional rigger belt for buckle to attach and detach quickly. Nylon is the webbing material in these belts. The layers of the belt (inner and external) have lamination of pre-sewing industrial strength adhesive to increase rigidity. Then the loop Velcro provides additional stability. However, these uncommon words of the structure of a battle belt will be easier to understand when you get one by your own.

Why will you use a battle belt?
The battle belt is not only to attach holster for your gun. There are more things you can get from a battle belt. In case you are a traveler or occasional wildlife lover, you can extra benefit with the battle belt. You can keep necessary things such as knife, water bottle, dry food pouches, medicine, etc.
The primary use of battle belt is to keep them in your home. You can prevent any unwanted accident from the surroundings. Many countries allow using a personal gun for safety measures. You don’t need to look for gun in your shelf or wardrobe anymore. The combat belt will store your gun tightly. But you can detach or attach holster alongside firearms easily.

Setting up a battle belt:

Battle belts are designed to make and plug holes. In easy words, a battle belt must focus on fighting equipment and medical kit. You can also add a knife and canteen pouch. But you have to keep in mind, and you are not going to carry the whole house in your battle belt. The thing is, you should use minimum lightweight kit to carry with the belt.
The next part of setting a belt is the suspenders. Suspenders help to maintain the balance all over the combat belt for home defense. Chest rigs, plate carriers remain supplemental with the battle belt. A belt with suspenders, chest rig, and your backpack – enough to start your journey.
You should avoid the drop leg rigs. Leg rigs may sound cool at first. But you will feel the extra weight on your legs when you attach the platforms. Even adding excess weight reduces the energy faster.


After all, battle belt for home has become an essential safety gear for personal use. You should find the best battle belt to use that in any critical condition. This article includes everything you should know about a battle belt for home defense.